Saturday, June 27, 2015

Our Sweet Little Ellie Turned "1"

Like a lot of first time Mom's I wanted my babies birthday to be perfect! Naturally this meant starting the search for a theme on Pinterest before she was born in the last few weeks of my pregnancy, when, lets face it, I had nothing better to do and was going a little stir crazy. I absolutely fell in love with the lemonade theme. I thought it was so cute and innocent, but yet different, for a 1 year olds birthday. We had the party at our house outside/in the garage because I figured it's easiest if we don't have to pack things up to haul them anywhere. Here is how everything turned out and some secrets into how it was all created. 

I used my new Cricut Explore to create these invitations. Yes it was a lot of putt-sy monkey business, but what I like most about themed parties is carrying over the theme into the corny phrases and invites. :) Plus I only sent out about 15 so it wasn't all too crazy. LOVE the way I was able to customize them with the Cricut. 

 And the idea behind the whole party came from this lemonade stand I made. It's a simple wood crate (disclaimer: I couldn't find a link to the exact one, but its like the one in this link) turned on its side, a couple of 2x2's and a flat piece of wood for the sign. I used my Cricut to make a stencil for the "Lemonade" sign at the top and I used this weathered look technique to make it look more like barn-wood and less brand new. (p.s. the pink lemonade punch was delicious)

Leftover "ONE" letters from her 1st Birthday photo-shoot were a great decoration. 

My back-up plan sign that I made just in case the other one didn't work out. 

I had so much fun sewing this bunting this past winter. I purchased some fun patterns of 100% cotton fabric. Cut out triangles. Sewed them right sides out with opposing colored thread in a zig-zag stitch and then pinked the edges. Bias tape works great to sew them together on a strand. And lastly I found some peel and stick burlap letters I had purchased at Walmart for like $3 to make the words. It was easy and the most fun I have ever had sewing something (probably because it was so easy I couldn't screw it up). 

I heard from my friends that treat bags aren't really done at parties anymore (a memory from my childhood I guess I'll be explaining to Ellie when she gets older), and the advice is to put plenty of candy on the tables and you're good. So I did. I incorporated strawberry airheads, starbursts, and pink lemonade tootsie rolls.... all pink and yellow candy for the most part (theme theme theme). 

Of course the cake smash photos wouldn't be complete without a antique wooden high-chair, much more photogenic than the plastic Graco one we have in our kitchen... and more fun bunting as well. I also got these awesome Command Hook Balloon Hangers I thought were pretty cool and they can be reused years to come. 

The second area I really love to carry over a theme is the cupcakes, this time I didn't get that taken care of quite as much. Cupcake toppers were a quick job done by the Cricut. Last minute something I almost forgot. 

Overall, it was a great hot day for a glass of lemonade to celebrate our baby girl turning "1". Wow did that year go by fast! Love ya Ellie! 

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