Friday, February 21, 2014

DIY: Closet Dividers.

Well this project started off like most projects do. I was looking at baby things on Etsy and came across these closet dividers. My OCD organizational hormones kicked in and I thought, what a great idea! So then I searched for them on Pinterest thinking I should be able to make these myself fairly easy. I found this blog which I thought made this project look even more simple! So I hit up Amazon and purchased "these" dividers, and it turned out not be a set of 6 dividers but only 1 and wasn't such a good deal after-all. So then I went back to the blog I had read and ordered the exact dividers in her blog. I then took some time to download the template, go to Ben Franklin to purchase some cute scrapbook paper, print out the dividers, take forever cutting them out, and ..... that's as far as I got because the template did not fit the second set I purchased on Amazon. I have since re-read the blog and the lady kindly suggested that they are the same size as the ones she purchased from another website. 

NOTE TO SELF: Read slowly and fully before jumping into things!

SO at this point I had given up, but I still had about 13 of these dividers (I actually ordered two sets thinking I would make a set for a friend who is due around the same time as me).

After a few days clearing my head from this project I went to my favorite "red store", Target, to find SOMETHING that would inspire me to make some type of cute closet dividers for my baby girls closet so I could complete this project and overcome this mighty task! This is what I found: 

Washi Tape! Which I really enjoyed using! 

And some Avery labels.... 

Hmm.... I also was at Menards the same day and had purchased some spray paint for another project and decided my new plan was to spray em', tape em', label em' and put them in the darn closet already! So I got my supplies together...


And I sprayed them! Loved the colors of spray! They match the fabric for her quilt perfectly. (Note: I will not be making a quilt! My amazing sister-in-law is taking on that task.) 

An exact-o knife came in really handy during the taping and labeling process.... a must for this project!

And there you have it! They are in the closet, I've completed this tedious task, and I'm actually pretty darn happy with the outcome! :) Onward to the next nursery DIY project!

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