Thursday, February 20, 2014

Coffee Themed Bridal Shower

Who has ever heard of a coffee themed bridal shower? I certainly had not! I didn't even think bridal showers had themes other then "bridal shower"! Wanting to do something different I searched "Bridal Shower Themes" on Pinterest and it turns out coffee was one of the themes that came up in the results. I was intrigued. I love coffee! Who doesn't? And for a bridal shower that is taking place at 1 PM on a Sunday afternoon what better type of theme could we have? So off I was in search of anything "coffee" and this is how it all turned out.... 

The invites! "Love is Brewing". 

Now you can't have coffee without some sweets to go right along with it! Throughout the months prior to my sister's bridal shower I tested SEVERAL cupcake recipes and these were the 3 that withstood the trial! Links to all the recipes: 


I just LOVE reusing and recycling things. I found this cupcake stand at Salvation Army for $5. It's so much nicer than the crappy cardboard ones you can buy at party supply stores. This thing is wood and all comes apart for easy storage. I gave it a good wipe down and fresh coat of spray paint (my favorite quick fix) and wa-la! 

I didn't intend on using the Starbucks crates for anything other than to store the glass bottles in as we drank them throughout the months prior to the shower. BUT it turns out they work great to hold silverware and went right along with the theme! 

One of the games were to guess how many coffee beans were in the coffee pot! I got the coffee pot at Goodwill for $0.99. Someone actually took it with them at the end of the shower because they needed it at their church. It surely got its use out of it! :) AND NO I did not actually count all the beans in the pot. I got to about 100 and didn't even have the bottom of the pot covered up so then I just made up a number in the 3000's! Sorry ladies, it would have taken me FOREVER! 

I purchased disposable cream table clothes and used antique coffee pots that my aunt had already collected and empty Starbucks glass bottles with babies breath as centerpieces. There were leftover coffee beans from the above game and they were scattered about the tables as well. 

I found this red plastic heart at Salvation Army for a quarter. I had some chalkboard spray paint already and some chalk and ta-da! Propped it up against a vase full of the leftover babies breath that I actually got for around $10 at the grocery store! Awe.... "the perfect blend". ha ha. I know it's corny, but it really does work well with the theme!

My very very patient and talented cousin made these coffee filter balls for the shower. They turned out great! I actually have them hanging in my guest room now! LOVE THEM! Thank you Cheri! 

And what good would a coffee themed shower be without a coffee bar? We had regular coffee, we had vanilla bean decaf coffee, we had hot chocolate, we had apple cider, we had syrups, we had flavored liquid creamers, we even snuck in some Bailey's Irish Cream, we had whipped cream, and we had 3 flavors of iced coffee. My personal favorite had to of been the vanilla iced coffee with pumpkin spice creamer! YUM! It was a hit and everyone enjoyed indulging in some coffee extras that we wouldn't normally have at home! 

A few pictures of my sister and I at her Bridal Shower! LOVE HER and had so much fun planning this party!

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