Thursday, February 20, 2014

MN TWINS Baseball Baby Shower!

Once a MN Twins fan, always a twins fan! There is no one I know of who loves the MN Twins and baseball more than my brother-in-law. When his son, Gus, was born I just couldn't resist but throw a shower and celebrate this "future little sluggers" entrance into the world. We decided to make it a family event and have a baseball themed baby shower at my mother-in-laws house! There were no games or any sort of real formal happenings just a nice afternoon spent in the sunshine eating good food, playing in the pool, and taking turns going ga-ga over little Gus. I had so much fun planning this I just had to share! It's funny sometimes how themes can just fall into place. I think I've learned that you can literally pick anything and turn it into a themed party! So much fun and so in love with this little guy! 

The invites! Minus some personal details I felt were better left out. Photo courtesy of Abby, my very talented sister-in-law. 

I found this little notebook at Michael's! 

Can't have a baseball theme without peanuts! And being this was after the 4th of July I was able to find a ton of blue & red containers, baskets, bowls on clearance. Perfect to go with the MN Twins colors! 

Under the tent we hung up some little Twins onsies! Gus modeled them for us throughout the day! :) 

Cracker jacks too!!!

I found these baseball rubber ducks at Michael's too. It's crazy what you find in their dollar bins sometimes! The kids had fun playing with these in the pool!  

Popcorn containers from the dollar store to help cold the silverware at our "concessions" table! :) We served 3 simple salads, chips and dip, and had a hot dog bar with lots of toppings (ketchup, mustard, "chow chow" grandma Carol's relish recipe, salsa, etc.). Simple and all super delicious! 

My nephew and I taking a break before the guests arrived! It sure was a hot August day! 

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