Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Corny Holiday Traditions I Can't Live Without

People often say that once you have a child you will start to decorate more for holidays because you want your child to experience each holiday as a special time of year.

For me, it didn't take the birth of my first child to fall in LOVE with holidays. I've always enjoyed traditions and reminiscing about how my parents were so wonderful at making my sister and I feel special around the holidays. I think each holiday is different but they are all magical in their own unique way.

Prior to giving birth to Elizabeth (now 18 months) I decorated for maybe 3 holidays; 4th of July, Fall/Halloween, & Christmas. Now I find myself collecting more and more "stuff" to decorate for other holidays as well like Valentine's Day and Easter. I want her to have every magical memory that I have from the holidays growing up. My Mom and Dad were the best parents for instilling so many traditions and magical moments into my childhood. I hope that our little "E" will feel the same about Matt & I when she looks back at her childhood memories.

Decorations are only a small portion of the holiday traditions in my life but I believe it's what brings to life the magic that is the holiday's. I recently made window clings with my Cricut for Christmas, Halloween, & Valentine's Day. It brought me back to the times spending an entire weekend at my Grandma Rosie's house fighting with my sister about who got to put window clings up, our favorite thing to do among the weekend long Christmas decorating extravaganza.

Yesterday, as I put out the Valentine Decorations (over 1 month prior to the actual holiday because I was so excited about them) I realized everyone is right, you do want your child to celebrate holiday's more so than you celebrated prior to having them. Decorating, making craft projects, going out into the woods and cutting a tree, making Valentine's, carving pumpkins, Easter egg hunts, decorating cut-out cookies, driving around looking at Christmas lights, picking out Easter dresses, trick-or-treating, visiting the pumpkin patch... these are all traditions I will continue to carry on with Little Miss E and any other kiddos that come along. It might be corny, but I LOVE corny. I have no problem celebrating, experiencing old and new traditions, and making magical memories for my family! It makes me happy!


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