Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Shirt Pillows

My Grandma passed away a little over a month ago and as the saying goes, you find out a LOT about a person after they pass. One of the things I found out is that my Grandmother had an EXTENSIVE wardrobe! Throughout my years working as a nursing assistant in a nursing home I learned that most of my residents had about enough clothes to get them by for about a week or two at most. Well, my Grandma Alice had enough clothes to probably get by for at least two months!

She was always dressed so nice and I would always tell her that she was so soft and cozy with her warm fleece sweaters and fuzzy sweatshirts. This was true of my Grandma's personality too... she was ALWAYS warm and cozy and it radiated in the way she loved all of us! My sister and I decided that we couldn't pass along alllllll of these clothes to the Salvation Army and first wanted to make a few keepsake pillows out of them. So we set out on Pinterest for an idea and here you have it!

She's not too big of a fan of the camera so early in the morning. 

Hopefully these will give my family members some comfort in their time of loss. May Grandma Rest in Peace. 

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