Tuesday, March 15, 2016

PRODUCT REVIEW: Stamp-n-Storage Paper Holder for Ikea

For Christmas this year my husband was oh so nice and got me a Cricut Cuttlebug, which is an embossing machine. After purchasing several embossing folders for the machine I concluded it is truly designed to make custom cards (birthday cards, anniversary, Christmas, etc.). I decided this is a great thing because I now have another reason to also use my Cricut Explore.

As I began using these machines to make cards I decided my storage system for my supplies was not accessible enough. In order to make one card I had to pull out the Cuttlebug, the Cricut Explore, the bin of Cuttlebug embossing folders, the bin of scrapbook paper, the bin of Cricut tools/mats.... pretty soon I could hardly move around in my office because there were bins of stuff EVERYWHERE! Not to mention once the bins were out I still had to thumb through the embossing folders and paper in order to find the right materials I was looking for.

So I set out on a Google search to find some HELP and new storage solutions. I was completely surprised and excited when I found this paper storage system for 12X12 paper that would fit in the Ikea Kallax Shelving Unit that I already have in my office/craft room.

I hesitated at first because lets face it $76.75 for one cubic foot of storage a LOT! I researched other ways I could make this myself and found no instruction and honestly was so frustrated with my current storage situation I decided to take the plunge and purchase two of these paper storage systems from Stamp-n-Storage. The company is based in MN and does offer a frequent customer rewards program which I believe gave me $10 off and free shipping on my first order, so that helped out a bit.

When they arrived about a week and a half after I placed the order my paper storage/accessibility issues were taken care of! The units were super sturdy and well made, which makes me happy because they could be stand-a-lone units as well if I no longer use this Kallax bookcase, and they fit right into the cubicles like a glove. Take note that these are WOOD units. When I was doing my search I found a TON of inexpensive units on Amazon that looked like they would work out great as well but when you read the fine print they are made out of cardboard.

I am very happy that I made this purchase. Not only did I solve my storage problem, but I am 100% confident that if I were to have purchased another product I'd eventually hate it and purchase these anyways. Now to find the next innovative storage solution for the embossing folders etc. For now I'm one bin down when I dig everything out to create a Birthday Card! 

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