Sunday, July 20, 2014

"Caught up in Love" Bridal Shower

One of the things my cousin and her man do the most together as a couple is fish. So, I decided to throw her a fishing themed bridal shower complete with bobbers, lures, and tackle. It was a great day! Also, just warning you ahead of time, when I do these themed parties there are tons of corny phrases and key words! 

Corny Phrase #1: "Brittany's been Hooked"
Corny Phrase #2: "Brittany Homola and her marriage to the 'perfect catch'"

Corny Phrase #3: "Caught up in love" 
This backdrop to the "games" table was created with a fishing net, "caught up in love" letters that were just sitting in the net and spray painted onto card-stock with a stencil, and bobbers made from white paper lanterns. That one was easy, all I did was tape up the upper-half of the lanterns with aluminum foil and painters tape, then painted the bottoms red while they were hanging from a stick. Then I shoved a red party cup in the top to make the tip of the bobber. The pictures of the bride and groom throughout the past 5 years were found on Facebook! :) Oh and the antique lures in the net were the grooms! :) 

The bride found it necessary to incorporate goldfish in some way to this fishing themed shower. They were also on the tables for guests to snack on. 

Corny Phrase #4: "Bait & Tackle Cupcakes" 

Chocolate cupcakes, Chocolate frosting, Crushed Orea (which I used my Ninja food processor for and I might add that it worked GREAT) to make dirt, and a gummy worm! 

Did you know that funfetti cake makes blue frosting? Add a bobber and sweddish fish and BOOM! ha ha

Bobbers floating in the punch.... which everyone loved and I found kind of funny because it was only sprite, ice cubes, and Hawaiian punch. 

The Bride & I! LOVE YOU BERT! 

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